Spaghetti Dinner

2022 Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser

The 2022 Mogadore Schools Alumni Foundation Spaghetti Dinner was a success for the group! Once again, Twila Bonner Harris, class of 1965, and Traci Brooke Oliver, class of 1984 chaired our fundraiser. The foundation made a profit of nearly $8,000 for 2022 with Table Sponsorship at $6,060.

The dinner was held on Saturday, April23rd at the High School Commons. It was attended by many village residents and alumni. After a two year absence due to the pandemic the dinner was back and well attended by Alumni and village guests. Many attendees lingered to catch up with neighbors and old friends! Todd Huff generously donated supplies again to the foundation to make the dinner a success. Thank you Todd!

Thank you to all the volunteers that helped make this dinner a success. We had 12 student volunteers and quite a few adult volunteers. The adult volunteers included Nerine Gasaway, Bill and Jessie Lane, and Kathy and Gary Miller. Of course, the MSAF board volunteering at the dinner included Tom Rauber, Tammy Brooke Roebken, Rhonda Morris Cahill, Traci Brooke Oliver, Craig Fullerton, Twila Bonner Harris, Tessa DiFrancesco, Melanie Pencin Bushey, Joe Adolph and Superintendent John Knapp.

We have listed the student volunteers alone for recognition! Without volunteers it is impossible to accomplish any of our goals. A big THANK YOU to our volunteers and hopefully we can have the same amount next year!

Speaking of next year please mark APRIL 22, 2023 as our next Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser on your calendar. We hope you can visit the dinner or become a Table Sponsor. If you have any questions please call 330-628-9946.

2022 Spaghetti Dinner Table Sponsors

The Mogadore Schools Alumni Foundation would like to thank the following Table Sponsors for their generous donations to the Scholarship Fund. We raised over $6,000 in table sponsorship alone and that is a wonderful gift to our scholarship fund! The MSAF board is grateful for this group for supporting our scholarship program!

Tom & Carole Adolph

Fred & Renee Barnes/3 tables**

Barnes, Crump & Swartz family in memory of Russ Pry

Barnes, Crump & Swartz family in memory of FC & Mary Spagnuolo

Bill & Barb Bauer

Dick Bauer

Rod Brannon

Steve Broderick

Jill Latimer Burger

Janet (Spagnuolo), Barry, Riley and Adam Crump

Tom, Julie Celeste, Tessa and Gia DiFrancesco

Connie McClellan Ebie

John Eisele

Brenda Fahrer

Klaus Fischer

Michael (Mickey)Ganitch

Ernie & Dianna George

Nancy Granville

Rebecca Heindl

Walt & Donna Jenkins

Michael & Vickie (Fairhurst) Johnson / 6 tables**

Richard & Kathy Kapper

Suzanne (Conley) Kirk

David Keller, Laura McDowall, Jeff Keller / 5 tables**

Tom & Linda (Early) Kot

Bill & Jessie Lane

Robert (Bob) Lutz

Ronald Lutz

John Moyer

Mike Raddish

John Raddish

Tom Raddish

Ann & Mike Murphy in memory of Mike & Lynn Murphy

Sandi Murphy/ 3 tables**

In honor of the Murphy Family

In honor of Carolyn & Wayne Hammitt

In honor of Mike & Lynn Murphy

Melanie Pencin Bushey

Linda Calcei Hamilton

Michele Furbee Housley

Tom Rauber

Mike, Kelly & Abby Rick

Faye Skaburn

Traci (Brooke) Oliver in memory of Joan Bennett Brooke

Tammy (Brooke) Roebken in memory of Joan Bennett Brooke

Andy & Tammy Roebken

Alex & Olivia Roebken

Brooke (Roebken), Matt, Harper, Maddox and Palmer Morrison

Rodger & Linda Sansom in memory of Ellen Sansom

Patty Small

Sally Darrah Snyder

Caroline & Jim Stevens

Bill & Linda Tasseff

Russ, Dianne (Spagnuolo), Lukas Swartz & Alexis(Swartz) & Collin Peters

Debbie Thomas

Kyra Vronick

Charlene Williams

Ronald Wills

Bill Wise

Nancy Daniels Wright

Student Volunteers

Many thanks to our student volunteers!!

Destiny Fullerton

Cindy Childers

Melanie Eichler

Landon Wickes

Mason Murphy

Jonathan Cumberlidge

Mason Williams

Trevor Davis

Salma Zerhouane

Alejandro Navarrete

Sophia Hiner

Zoe Gaetjens